Header Rick Bierman Designs services
Header Rick Bierman Designs services

Everything user first.

With my user first approach I offer the following key services:

  • Digital Design
  • Responsive website / webshop development
  • Branding

However, I am also great at:

  • Logo Design
  • Email campaign Design
  • Print work

How I generateresults.

1. Visibility

SEO, social media branding, email campaign, flyers, business cards.

2. Create Action

Call to actions on website or printed on promo material.

3. Results

Clients, Return On Investment, sales, company image, growth, trust.

The workflow.

I love designing prototypes / digital products ( graphics, logos, videos, social media content, responsive websites ) and branding guides with a focus on empathy. Digital products which are human-centric, creative, beautiful and easy to use.


It starts with a clear description of your target audience, including their wants and needs. This will serve as a guideline for the solution.

Visual concept

A thought out idea, created with wireframes / visuals will give you a better understanding of the final product.


I will create a digital (f.e. a website) or physical (f.e. a flyer) product based on the previous steps. Updates happen regularly and we'll monitor the progress together.


I am invested in your success. That's why I'd like to keep a close look at our project once it's finished. We can pick a fitting maintenance package together.